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Samantha Yuen



  • 就讀香港中文大學文學士

  • 主修翻譯系

  • 着重中、英文全面發展


  • 小學

  • 初中


  • 中文專科

  • 英文專科


As a teacher studying for a BA in Translation in CUHK, my teaching philosophy revolves around fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment that promotes language proficiency, cultural understanding, and critical thinking skills.

Firstly, I believe in creating student-centered lessons that cater to diverse learning needs and styles. By incorporating interactive activities, discussions, and technology, I aim to engage students actively in the learning process. Secondly, I emphasize the importance of language immersion and authentic materials. By exposing students to real-world texts, audiovisual resources, and cultural artifacts, I foster their linguistic and cultural competence. Thirdly, I encourage a communicative approach to language learning, providing ample opportunities for students to practice and apply their language skills in authentic contexts. Through role-plays, group work, and projects, students develop confidence and fluency. Furthermore, I strive to instill a love for language learning by incorporating creative and enjoyable activities that spark curiosity and motivation.

Overall, my teaching philosophy revolves around creating a supportive and engaging environment that empowers students to become lifelong learners and effective communicators in both English and Chinese.

Samantha Yuen




P.4 - P.6

小學/初中/GCSE/HKDSE 暑期精讀課程

Y10 - Y11, S.1 - S.3, Y1 - Y6, P.4 - P.6, S.4 - S.6

ChatGPT 生成式AI 基礎課程

S.1 - S.3, S.4 - S.6, Y7 - Y9, Y10 - Y11, Y12 - Y13


S.1 - S.3


Lu Sen


Peggy Yuen


Aileen Valentine


Jason Lee


每位學生均可以預約報讀面授課程,體驗 Oxbridge Academia 的教學質素,不用出成績才來後悔。



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